Devin is an actor, singer, and esteemed mover based in New York City. He was most recently seen in the First National tour of MISS SAIGON, appearing in the ensemble and understudying the role of Chris. 

A St. Louis metro area native (and avid Cardinals fan), Devin holds a Bachelor's degree in Music from Northwestern University with a certificate in Musical Theatre. While at Northwestern, Devin served as an ambassador for the arts program, traveling both nationally and internationally to spread arts awareness.

A bit of a vagabond, Devin has spent time in numerous cities across the country. He lived in Chicago for 2 years (not counting the 4 years he spent at NU), Los Angeles for 7 years, Las Vegas for 5 months (RIP Mamma Mia Las Vegas 2014), and he now resides in New York City (saved the best for last). 

With the unique experience of having lived all over, Devin has worked at regional theatres across the country, including Chicago Shakespeare, South Coast Repertory, La Mirada Theatre, and Marriott Lincolnshire. 

Devin is known for his magnificent vocals, as well as his handsome face that looks way more intense than he intends for it to look but he is working on that he promises! Aside from working to improve his rank in the 34th percentile on Chess.com, Devin loves sports, all things space, and building furniture (see below).



Devin Building