A superb Archer turns in great work as both the teenage and adult Jimmy Ray, with the added bonus of having a distinguished singing voice.

Michael L Quintos,



Southland star Archer’s Jimmy Ray is irresistible.

Steven Stanley,


Devin was named as an "Outstanding Performance of the Year" by Michael L. Quintos for's Best of O.C. and Beyond for 2018.

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Archer’s Jamie is not merely a talented writer smitten with the “Shiksa Goddess” of his dreams, he’s impishly playful (and perhaps the first Jamie ever to moon), irresistibly romantic, callously thoughtless, devilishly handsome, and sexy as all get-out. Archer also reads an excerpt from Jamie’s novel more vividly and expressively than I’ve ever heard.


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Archer has the audience on his side from the beginning. He is charming and charismatic, with a natural gift for comedy. He is also vocally compelling and prone to making delightfully unexpected choices.

Ellen Dostal, 

Archer imparts a palpable physicality in his portrayal of the young novelist whose career is on a dizzyingly steep upward trajectory, whether showing romantic passion, excitement, nervous energy or teeth-gritting frustration. We also see the calm, earnest persona Jamie projects when doing a public reading of his newest book.

Eric MarcheseOC Register


Devin Archer lends his powerful vocal chords to the role of Anthony.

Tom Titus,

Supporting performances are equally splendid, beginning with Archer’s swoon-worthy Anthony, the rising SoCal star revealing legit vocals to match his proven pop chops.


Archer has a sumptuously romantic voice, so his soaring rendition of “Johanna” fits in nicely with the love-at-first-sight moment.

Charles McNulty, Los Angeles Times


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Archer and Hansen turn in admirable work (and buttery vocals) as Anthony and Johanna. Incidentally, Archer made my Best of 2018 list and was delighted to see his latest so soon after making my year-end roundup.



Archer’s husky voice delineates Roger’s passion and intensity. Roger clearly has been scalded by his past, as reluctant as Mimi is willing. The pair provide much of “Rent’s” sizzle with their fine vocal work.

Eric Marchese, OC Register


Devin Archer makes Mark’s damaged former rock star roommate Roger fragile and damaged, but with a particular kind of resolute purpose.

Frances Baum

Devin Archer is quite good as Roger. His desperation for meaning comes through the actors nuanced performance

Patrick Hurley,



Understudy Devin Archer delivered a version of Chris that had everyone crying. His Chris is steady but broken and his interpretation of "Why God Why?" was a highlight of the show.

The helicopter scene is still as impressive as ever, and with the heartbreaking outcries of Kim and Chris weaving through the jostled scene, the whole theatre is left mesmerized and emotionally wrecked. Bautista and Archer are thoroughly impressive in this iconic scene.

Jenny Bravo, BroadwayWorld New Orleans




Archer’s Tarzan is incredibly strong yet graceful, kind and gentle, defined by his playful yet courageous nature, big heart and touching naiveté.


Archer takes a character that could easily end up as a series of tricks and stereotypes and turns him into an endearing, funny, sweet, and ultimately smart young man whose instincts prove to be rock solid throughout.